There are some things in the world that make you go “Huuhhmm?” And then there are things that make you go “Well, that makes sense!”

This is one of those that-makes-sense things.

Hazel McCallion as Chief Elder Officer for Revera.

If you didn’t already know, Revera is an owner, operator and investor in senior living. They have more than 500 residences across Canada and the United States. Our own Chief Entertainment officer (as he likes to be called) has done work with Rivera in the past, and has spoken with quite a few of their residents. Pretty happy people.

Kudos to Revera. A company whose business is our senior population, could there be any better way to represent them than by appointing a 94-year-old senior? In our opinion, no way.

And you may be asking "Why is a web site with real-estate related content putting up an article about Hazel McCallion and Revera?" Well, seniors have to live somewhere too, after they sell their homes. And seriously, you think buying a house in your preferred neighbourhood is hard? Try getting into some of the top-notch seniors residences. Now, that's tough.

Ms. McCallion’s role with Revera will be to (and we quote) “advice and counsel to Revera in support of fulfilling the company's vision to celebrate the ageless spirit of people through service and innovation. In her new role, Ms. McCallion will engage residents and families at Revera communities in an open dialogue about their experiences in senior living to help the company continue to improve its programs and services. She will also provide input and guidance to help shape Revera's innovation agenda to enrich the lives of older adults, and will participate in Revera's Age is More initiative to challenge ageism.”

We admire the lady. One of Canada’s longest serving mayors, she’s a role model for young and old alike. She also reminds us of our 87 year old neighbour across the street who still shovels his 6-car driveway by hand every winter. You may be considered old - but it doesn’t mean you have to be old.

"My strong belief is that every individual, young or old, has the ability to live a life with purpose," said Ms. McCallion. "I am very excited to become Revera's first Chief Elder Officer, and look forward to working with Revera's leaders to help seniors live life to the fullest."

Prior to joining Revera, Ms. McCallion was one of Canada's longest-serving mayors. She oversaw the growth and development of Canada's sixth-largest city (Mississauga) for 12 consecutive terms before leaving her position in 2014 at the age of 93. A former professional women's hockey player, her numerous accomplishments in business and politics have been lauded worldwide. She received an Honourary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Toronto in 2010 and was honoured with the Order of Canada in 2005.

Ms. McCallion was appointed to her next life step on November 10, 2015.

Top photo of Hazel McCallion courtesy of Revera Inc.