You heard that the latest real estate trend is to get drone pictures and video of homes, and you thought "I have got to do that!" There is no argument needed that aerial video and photography brings a unique way of showcasing a property. We are actually are one of the leading aerial video companies in Toronto, but leaving our bias aside - when is it right to use our services? Better yet, when should you use aerial video for a listing, and when will it actually work against you and your client?

Legality and safety comes first: Make sure that flying a drone in the area you want shot is legally allowed, and use a reputable company that knows what they're doing and takes safety serious. Flying near airports or crowded areas are no-nos. In some cases, you and/or the video company will need a special permit from Transport Canada called an SFOC, which takes a minimum of 20 days to obtain.

When to use drone: Aerial pictures and footage are great for waterfront cottages, rural homes with a large footprint,and luxury estates or homes with large backyards and great landscaping in mature neighborhoods. Drone also does justice when it can show the relationship between a property and a landmark, park, conservation area, etc.

How much aerial footage actually needed is also important. As much as you might think it's cool and you paid for it, no one want to see three minutes of aerial footage, of the same three shots, over and over and over. You're more than likely showcasing a home for sale, so keep it simple and to the point. Drone footage should be used to establish the location and the WOW! factor, and no longer that 10 seconds before you get to the actual interior of the home. You may then use more aerial drone footage at the end to show the backyard, relationship to landmarks, and for closing the video.

When NOT to use drone: This one is difficult, because we make a living out of shooting drone video. Honestly, if the home is covered by large trees, the backyard is the smallest or the crappiest one of the neighbourhood, or the roof is in really rough shape - you should save your money. Think about it this way - when standing in a backyard, you more than likely won't see the other backyards, so there is nothing to compare it to. BUT...when you see a backyard from above, you'll see the surrounding ones, too.

See video demonstration bellow.

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