2015 was the first year I really dived into vegetable gardening. Last year, I did tomatoes, and had great success with them. So I thought, let’s do more!

Tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, peas, beans, corn, hot peppers, bell peppers, lettuce, watermelon, basil, and oregano.

2015 was a year of mixed success.

Not much luck with the peas. A huge crop of green beans, but didn’t like the variety I chose. The corn got ’smut’. The leaf lettuce did ok, the romaine didn’t. The tomatoes did fine, although I will not do container tomatoes again (lost a lot to blossom end rot). The zucchini and summer squash were too crowded with the space I gave them (my bad). I planted the watermelon too late, the vine was beautiful, but didn’t fruit. The jalepeño, cubanelle, bell and sheppard peppers were very prolific and seemed to love their containers. The basil grew beautifully. My oregano, which I planted in a clay container, did fine…but didn’t seem to flourish.

It’s now November, and my garden is now clean and ready for the next spring. I have preserved or used everything I could. The basil started to die off towards the end of September, so I salved some newer growth, and am now trying to grow it indoors.

The oregano…that’s another story. The photo above is the current state of my oregano. That’s not what it looked like outdoors. Within a week of bringing it inside, that thing has flourished. It’s lush, it’s slightly fragrant, and tastes great, too.

As much as I like fresh herbs, drying them for long-term use is not a bad idea. Now, if the basil happens to get a second wind and grow, I’ll preserve some of it, too.