As shocking as this may seem to some, not every home is a drop-dead stunning beauty.

Yes, there are homes that have gleaming, pristine hardwood floors…have upgraded to granite, marble, or quartz counter tops…or have luxury washrooms that make making reservations at the most upscale spa absolutely unnecessary.

And yes, there are home that are just downright ugly. Be it the peeling exterior paint and caved-in rooftops…the gaudy angel statuettes throughout the home and yards…or the excessive use of velour…there are homes that makes go “WTF were they thinking?”

Then there are those homes that are what they are. They don’t feature the latest, greatest or best updates available on the market today. They don’t have that WOW! or OMG! factor. They may not even have a second washroom (heaven forbid!). But for the people who just want something they can call “mine”, there are all kinds of homes out there, just waiting for their forever owner.

Or their ‘when we need more space’ or ‘when can afford something better’ owner.

This brings me to Patti Robertson of Tidewater Homes out of Norfolk, Virginia. Tidewater is a property management company that specializes in turning houses into investment properties, and Patti is part owner, as well as a broker.

Patti has a lot of videos of homes for sale or lease on her channel, and hats off to her, she doesn’t gloss over things.

Carpets that need replacing, kitchens to be seriously updated, paint touch-ups…Patti does not shy away from showing these in her videos. Her company also does a lot of what their website describes as “rehab”, which means they fix a lot of these houses up.

This video was from 5 years ago, and is titled “Another Ugly House for Sale in Chesapeake, VA - Waterfront - Only $125K Cash Price!”.

UGLY!!! Can you image? She does state at some point early in the video that this is not really an ugly home, and truly, it’s not ugly.

It just needed some love.

We hope this ‘ugly’ home got its forever family.